The Lowland Lakers

The Mississippi is Between us Now

The 331 Effect

Today marks the last day of the first residency we have ever done.  It's been an incredible time seeing awesome folks every Tuesday for the past month.  New faces each week, repeating company each week, something new and old to take with us.  The 331 is an incredible meeting spot for creative, unique, interesting, and independent people who (in my opinion) make up the most important and inspiring demographic of our culture.

The 331 effect is just that.  It's comfort in knowing the originality you have inside you is COMPLETELY IMPORTANT. Other areas of your life tend to downplay inspiration, so it is of the utmost importance that we surround ourselves with free thinkers, and we thank all of you for being there.  We thank the 331 for being there.

Even though the month is almost over, and you soon won't be able to see us perform every week, I hope you can take time from your busy schedules go see some live music. Go stare at someone for a while as they close their eyes, sing from their guts, and give you a glimpse into their inner beauty. Even if the music sounds bad to you, listen. If you are drug along by your hippie friend and are salty that you had to pay a 10$ cover, listen. Even when you see a pianist playing a Yamaha baby grand piano at Southdale, listen. Lose yourself in the music. Make it a New Year's resolution.  Make the 331 effect a New Years resolution. 



The Lowland Lakers 2016